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      Some time ago, I participated in a webinar about the Environment Bill.   It was a short introduction to some planning aspects of the Bill.   These notes are by way of a short summary of the points made in the webinar.     The webinar focused upon the planning and development aspects of the Bill only and was limited to England only.   In broad terms it went from general to particular; namely, from national policy to development control. [1] The starting point being, of course, national policy.   I then went on to look at what I described as “Local Biodiversity Reports” and then to consider the impact of the Bill on development control.   I hasten to add that the label “Local Biodiversity Reports” was my own label and did not figure in the Bill. The Bill introduces certain overarching environmental policies.   Arguably, they will filter down to both local plans and development control.   Clause 16 of the Bill requires the Secretary of state to prepare a “policy stat