About Me

I am a barrister and I have practised planning and highway law for over 35 years, both in local government and private practice. I have qualified as a solicitor in 1984 and a barrister in 2014. More importantly, I have been teaching and writing about these subjects for the best part of 25 years, so I think I have a few things which I can usefully share with the wider world . . . or at least those who share an interest in such arcane topics.

I hasten to add, that there is an ulterior motive. Namely, that the kernel of the idea of the blog came from discussions with my publisher about how I could promote my then forthcoming book. I was reluctant. But then it occurred to me that I have produced far more written material than I could ever get published by way of conventional articles in learned journals. A lot of it is just sitting there and it seemed a shame not to put it into circulation . . . if not least . . . so that people could tell me whether they think I have got it right or wrong. A bit of a ‘win win’ situation.

Most of my extra curricular writings are by way of 'thought experiments', in the sense that I usually think things out by testing them in writing. That is to say, they are usually 'work in progress'. And if this sounds like getting one's excuses in early then it might be !

It will become readily apparent that I use my wanderings in legal theory as vehicle for my interest in methods of decision-making and the use, or mis-use, of logic in that pursuit.  I am keen to understand the Law in a context which is wider than simply reading law reports and repeating what judges might or might not have said on a topic. Hence my frequent allusions to sociologists, philosophers and anyone else who might cast a light in this Quixotic journey.


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